Friday, December 17, 2010

Pets are fun: Ratscapades

Rats are wonderful pets. I have three beautiful girls Dinah, Miriam, and Tirzah and I love them dearly.

From front to back: Dinah, Miriam, and Tirzah.
 They are not only smart and loving but extremely entertaining.
Example :
Yesterday my brother was complaining that the rats were making a lot of noise in their cage; he had been hearing a lot of scuffling and upset squeaking all day long. When I went downstairs and heard the squeaking for myself I decided to go over to the cage and investigate.

Miriam,the most notorious thief in all rat-dom.

 See that cute little rat face? That is the face of a merciless thief. It turns out that the squeaking was coming from Tirzah, who was squealing in protest as Miriam pulled all of her comfy fabric out from under her and dragged it down to her own little igloo house (which she doesn't let anyone else inside of).
 She must have been doing this all day long because at the beginning of the day there had been plenty of fabric on the top level of the cage (where the three ratties usually cuddle together) and when I got there the only thing Tirzah had left was a puny piece of denim. DENIM! She couldn't have left her fleece or something cozy. Nope. She left her with a piece of denim. And poor Tirzah was curled up as tight as she could trying to squeeze her whole body onto that tiny square of fabric.
So I got to work cutting up some old t-shirts to give to Tirzah so she wouldn't be cold.
I would give the fabric to Tirzah and Dinah (Dinah wanted to help re-decorate too) and they would run it to the back corner where they love to sleep. But even as they were collecting some blankets to sleep on Miriam was still running up and down, from the igloo to the corner, stealing their fabric! Even though her igloo already looked like this:

Look. She can barely fit her little rattie nose out the door!
She didn't stop filling up her igloo with stolen fabric until it was so stuffed she couldn't move around inside anymore. The igloo was hopping up and down in her effort to arrange the fabric in it without room enough to turn around.
I cut up a lot more fabric and I think it should be enough to go around now. While I was ashamed of Miriam for being so mean, I had to admit, it was pretty funny. :) I love rats.

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