Thursday, January 13, 2011

Decorated composition book

I'm a little bit of a note book addict. I have an entire milk crate full of them and some loose ones scattered throughout my house.
I have a notebook for craft ideas, a notebook for video game cheats (yes, I'm a nerd), a notebook for drawing in, a notebook of advice to myself (actually I have two of these), a notebook filled with dumb stories I wrote when I was twelve, a notebook filled with tags and receipts from noteworthy purchases- I think you get the idea. I like notebooks.
I recently started another notebook; this one is being filled with lists that have titles such as: A few of my favorite things, Girl names I like, Boy names I like, Things I want to make.
For a notebook with such important contents I didn't want to keep the standard black marble look so I decided to decorate it.
I bought some pretty scrapbooking paper for like 69 cents and covered both the front and the back. I also rummaged through my mother's tin of trim and picked out some lace (lace is on the favorite things list) and a little crocheted trim to add to the front.

Then I took some coordinating paper and covered the insides of the covers with it. I also used my stamps to write my name on the inside of the front cover.

The paper is a little lumpy in some spots because it was glued on over the lace but it doesn't bother me too much.
I really like how this notebook came out. I will probably be doing some more notebook decorating in the near future.

I think they would make great gifts (I say that a lot huh?) because you can personalize them for whomever you are giving them to.


  1. That notebook is beautiful :]

  2. I love notebooks too! But I never write in them.

  3. Thanks,Gabbie. :)
    Nat, I have so many notebooks with only a few pages written in because I always find new ones to love!